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Ugly. Slow. Outdated.

You’re embarrassed by website and it shows.

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You are a take action kind of gal. Your business is thriving. You have big goals. You are ready for more.

Having a website that you are embarrassed to share is hurting your business.

So, let’s bring your website up to speed, literally and figuratively.

About Alexander Design Co. Website design for online businesses based in Ephrata Wa

At Alexander Design Co. strongly believe that just because a website looks doesn’t mean it works. We want you to have a website that looks good and gets results. We want you to get the most out of the time and money you spent on your website.

When your website is both strategic and freaking gorgeous you…

» Stand out from the other businesses that do the same thing you do.

» The people who are desperately searching for you, actually find you.

» Potential clients fall in love with you and want to spend money on your website.

» You create more time in your day because your business runs smoother and more efficiently.

» You feel insanely confident and proud of your business, so much you are ready to rent a the jumbo-tron so everyone can see what you are doing.

You are so ready for this! So ready. It’s time to get the results you’ve been waiting for.

We lead with our core values to run a heart-centered business

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Our work together is a partnership. We’ll work together to make sure your website is a product of who you are as a person and business owner.

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We always strive to empower others to run their business with confidence.

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We take action before we are ready, taking bold steps to make big things happen is scary, but so necessary!

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We always strive to provide the highest quality work.

Alexander Design Company is a full-service web design for businesses that need to improve their online presence to stand out in their industry, increase revenue, and run efficiently. We focus on content strategy, search engine optimization, copywriting, and website design.


About Our Founder // Erin Alexander

Erin has always loved design and dreamed of moving to New York City to work at a Glamour magazine. She learned HTML in high school and studied art and visual communication (aka design) in college. Her first official design job was at her local newspaper designing ads where she learned a ton about how not to do things.

Now she’s lives in her hometown in Ephrata, Washington with her husband, two kids and golden retriever. They spend their weekends at the lakes hanging out in “Betsy the Adventure Wagon,” a 1990s camper that seriously needs a coat of paint.

We offer completely custom design websites from scratch, website fixer uppers if you just need updates, strategy sessions if you want an expert to give you some pointers, or website audits if you need someone to point out the trouble spots on your website.