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Beautiful + Smart Web Design for Coaches


Raise your hand if you are a coach who doesn’t love the tech side your business?

Let’s be real here, you didn’t start coaching because you love creating websites, writing code, or figuring out search engine optimization. Am I right?

(or maybe you did, and in the case you are in the wrong place girlfriend.)

You started coaching because you want to make an IMPACT in other people’s lives!

Whether you are a health coach, life coach, business mentor or another kind of coach; your purpose and passion in life is to help people.

Well, lucky for both of us, my purpose and passion is creating gorgeous and smart websites that reflects who you are!

Your potential clients are coming to your website to find out about you, read your blog posts, get in touch with you, and to hire you.

Your website must look and function as THE heart + hub of your business.


So that’s what I do! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Erin! I’m a Squarespace designer + expert for coaches!

  • I’m going to help you create a website that helps you stand out from the other coaches.

  • That helps the people who are desperately searching for you, find you.

  • That helps those potential clients fall in love with you and book your services.

  • That helps you take back your time by making your business run smoother and more efficient.

  • That makes you feel so confident and proud of your business you are ready to rent the giant billboard so everyone can see what you are doing.

Your website is your second best asset (after you, of course) and I’m going to help you make it shine!


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I’m a jeans + sneakers kind of gal. Mom of two. Coffee addict. Audiobook lover. Living Eastern Washington with my in husband of 8 years. And I can’t freakin’ wait to meet you!


Core Values

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Our work together is a partnership. We’ll work together to make sure you website is a great as you are.

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Providing others with the tools to empower themselves and their business with confidence.

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We take action before we are ready, taking bold steps to make big things happen.

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We create quality work time and time again on schedule and to the best of our ability.

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