10 Must Read Articles Before Switching to Squarespace

So you've been thinking about starting your website on Squarespace? You've undoubtedly heard some of the pros and cons about using Squarespace and I'm here to tell you the limitations for few and far between. 

I've written before about my love affair with Squarespace in the past, so today I'm share a few more articles from fellow designers and #bosslady badasses! 


Getting Started with Sqaurespace

from Elle and Company Design

Lauren from Elle and Company is one of my favorite fellow designers! This posts goes over some awesome statistics about website users and design, then she dives into 8 benefits of using Squarespace. 


3 Silly Myths About Squarespace SEO

from Nesha Woolery

There's big misconception that using Squarespace means you won't show up on Google. Totally not true. In facts, nearly half of all my client inquires come directly from Google searches. Optimizing your Squarespace site for search engines is actually pretty easy. 


3 unique ways to use Squarespace cover pages

from Paper & Oats

Cover pages are one of my favorite features about using Squarespace. (see the next article) Kelsey is really creative with her cover pages, and knows how to make a statement! 


10 Ways to Use Squarespace Cover Pages

from Erin Alexander Design Studio (that's me!) 

Like I said above, I love cover pages! There a tons uses for them so I made a list of 10 to help you get started with your cover pages. 


WordPress vs Squarespace: Which is the Best Choice For You?

From Allyssa Barns 

I'm fairly certain the Wordpress vs Squarespace debate is never going away. And since I'm team Squarespace, I'm sharing this article from someone on the opposite side. I love this one, because she stays neutral and just shares the pros and cons! 


Setting Up Your Blog Legally

from The Crown Fox

This isn't specific to Squarespace but it's super important.  There are legal obligations to having a website and we want to make sure you are staying on the right side of the law. 


How to Sell a Workbook, Ebook, or Digital Download in Squarespace

From Hoot Design Company 

Of course, you can sell your e-book or printables on Squarespace, and in fact, it's super easy! Oh and, if you already have an Etsy or Shopify shop you can import those products to your Squarespace shop. Squarespace integrates perfectly with both PayPal & Stripe to make payment EZ. 

7 Reasons Why We Chose Squarespace (Over Wordpress, Muse, Wix, Godaddy, etc.)

From Think Creative Collective

If I've ever had a biz crush, it's these gals. The do EVERYTHING, and they do it well! They are huge money makers AND they love Squarespace. I love their story about drug dealers hacking their site, only because I had a Wordpress site that was being linked to spammy site and I couldn't remove it. It was so frustrating. With Squarespace security and SSL certificates are included. 



From MissBFab

First of all, this girl so FAB! I just adore her style! Second, YES! You CAN do pretty much everything from your Squarespace site. Host webinars, have a membership site, create a resource library, maintain your own course right from your website!  


How to Create a Membership Site Using Squarespace 

From Elle and Company Design

Speaking of membership sites, here the how-to! Thanks to an awesome application called Memeberspace you can totally have your own membership site right on your website! I absolutely LOVE this set-up. Not only is easy to manage but it keeps your traffic on your website! 

A quick pinterest search will lead you to hundreds of articles just like these! Got any other Squarespace questions? Email me here and I'll tell ya what I know!