Creating Images for Social Media

Are you using social media to market your small business, online business, or Etsy shop? Well, you should be! 78% of Americans have a social media profile (source.) This is a huge area where you could be getting leads and sales!

As a savy business owner you will be making your own images such as; quotes, advertisement images, product photos, or infographics. There are great free websites such as Canva or PicMonkey that make it really easy to make your images with the cost or learning curve of expensive design software.

 Creating Images for Social Media


Here are five tips for making your images stand out among the rest.

1. Select your fonts carefully. 

Some fonts are best used in print and others on screens. In general, sans serif fonts are best for viewing on screens. Stay away from using large chunks of italics, or bold. These should be used sparingly as they tend to overwhelm the brain. Post people will skim you text so you want to make it easy for them.

font choice.png


Bonus tip: Limit your use of script fonts. I love a good handwritten calligraphy as much as everyone else. But when it’s comes to large sections of text it’s best to avoid them. DO use them for headlines or short quotes!

2. Never stretch or skew an image to make it fit your space.

 When using an image you should keep the proportions the same. Images that are stretched make you look unprofessional and inexperienced.

3. Avoid putting words on a face. 

Putting words over someone’s face look tacky.  Place words to the side of the person or under their face, but not directly on their face.


4. Ask a friend to spell check. 

Trust me, I’m the queen of typos. Always ask a friend to look over your text. It will save you some embarrassment when you post an image with a mistake. People on the Internet love to point out mistakes, so it’s better to try and avoid them. (My husband likes to point them out, it makes me feel stabby.)

5. Follow the “less is more” rule.

Every element of your image should have a purpose. Simple images still have a powerful impact, in fact, “minimalist” is a trend in design right now!