5 Reasons I Love Squarespace (And you will, too)

Although, I've worked in print design for the last several years, I have a secret love affair for web design. Over the last 12 years I've had more than a handful of different blogs across many different platforms. I really wish I could dig up my really old blogs from high school. That would be a fun blast from the past! 

My love for web design has really blossomed into a passion since I started working on the Squarespace platform. Squarespace takes web site development and design to a whole new level of professional and beautiful websites, that anyone can use. 

Let's talk about what I love about Squarespace and why I think you will love it too! 


1| It's pretty

We have to start with the way it looks, I am a graphic designer, after all. Squarespace websites are all designed on a template, there are around 20 template to choose from and customize. All of the templates are well designed, they are professional and sleek looking. 

2| It's easy. 

While there is a bit a of a learning to curve to design and set-up your website on Squarespace, its very easy to maintain and update. If you a run a blog or online store, you can quickly and easily add new posts and listings right in the Squarespace platform, no additional plug-ins are needed.

3| It's all built in.

While we are on the topic of plug-ins, I love that all of the plug-ins and tools (called blocks) are already built into the Squarespace platform. There is no need to research, read hundreds of reviews, or pay for additional tools. It's such a timesaver, and you have peace of mind that your blocks will work and look good. All of the different content blocks are designed by Squarespace developers, so you don't have to worry about bad or spammy blocks.

4| It's Mobile Responsive

These days you need a website that is mobile responsive, people are using their smartphones or tablets to do everything, including reading blogs, online shopping, taking courses on the go, or reading e-books. Some other web building platforms are not mobile friendly, or you have to pay extra for this feature. When someone comes to your site and it's not mobile-friendly, then you risk your customers getting frustrated and leaving your website quickly. 

Bonus: You can even manage your Squarespace site on the go with a few mobile apps. Love that!

5| It's Affordable

The number one misconception I hear about Squarespace, is that people think it's expensive. But when you price compare, its really not any more than other platforms. And there are no costly plug-ins or extra security options to pay for, it's all built in. There are several plans to choose from so you can pick the one that's best for you and your business needs. 

While there are other website platforms that might cost less, the value that comes with a Squarespace is unbeatable. The also offer complete customer service like no other platform. In fact, they are committed to answering all questions within one hour. That's unheard of and something to admire about any company. 

I made this big switch from Wordpress to Squarespace a few months ago, and its been the best decision I've made for my business. I used to spend hours trying to figure out how to do the things I wanted on my website, and almost always ended up frustrated and fed up. Not anymore. 

If you have any questions about Squarespace, or want to know if would be a good match for your company, feel free to send me an email. I LOVE talking about Squarespace and web design!