A Collection of Beautiful Blogs Designed on SquareSpace

Its no secret that my web platform of choice is SquareSpace. I just the clean, modern layout of websites designed on SquareSpace.

Some people seem to think this means all websites on SquareSpace look the same, and that is far from the truth. Even though each website is based off a template to start, the use of various content block, custom CSS, and creative thinking means your website has the personality and style that matches your brand. 


I thought it would be nice to showcase some of the really well design blogs that are based on SquareSpace. My goal here was to focus on the blogging aspect of SquareSpace. There are also thousands of beautifully designed websites on SquareSpace whose number one focus isn't their blog, but for the purpose of this post the focus is blogging. (full disclosure: These are not my designs)

Be sure to click on each blog title to go directly to their website and look around. 

A Fabulous Fete

And The Teacher Says

As you can see, there is a lot of variety in the layout and style of these blogs. However, they all offer clean lines and are very well designed. This makes them easy to navigate for readers!