6 Trello Boards You Need in Your Coaching Business

If you haven’t jumped on the Trello train you are definitely missing out! Using Trello to stay organized in business has been a game changer.

If I’m being totally honest, being organized is a struggle for me but it is key to scaling a business. As I add team members it’s definitely made my job much easier. The time you spend in organizing and setting up systems in your business will definitely pay off in help your business grow.

6 Ways to Use Trello in Your Coaching Business Alexander Design Co. Website Design for Coaches

I also prefer Trello because it means less emails! I get so many emails everyday and I often forget to reply just due to having a brain that moves too fast. Since I’ve gotten in the habit of using Trello for all communication I’ve updated my own personal settings to only get summary notifications every hour, rather than every reply. Definitely do this. Also, turn off notifications from your phone! You don’t need to check in with every single reply immediately, it’s ok to check-in a couple of times per day.

Today I’m sharing with you 6 ways to use Trello in your coaching business.

Before you ask, I’m just using the free version of Trello. I haven’t need the paid version yet. You can sign up for a free account here, with my referral link which gives me a free month of Trello Gold.

Client Dashboard | 6 Trello Boards You Need To Be Using in Your Coaching Business from Alexander Design Co.

1 | Client Dashboard

This is my favorite board of all my Trello board because it lets me see at a glance what client projects are my current priority. It also shows me upcoming calls with clients and leads. Color coding this system has also helped me stay on top of following up with leads who didn’t book my services right away.

Client Communication Trello Board | 6 Trello Boards You Need To Be Using in Your Coaching Business from Alexander Design Co.

2 | Client communication

My own coach uses Trello to communicate with me and I use it myself to communicate with my website design clients. It’s the perfect place for communication. I always recommend my clients check in once or twice a day while we are in the middle of a project.. Even if a client is resistant to learning a new system they get an email when I tag them, so they can reply in their inbox.

I also love how it removes the urgency from an email. When you’re deep in the middle of a project, you don’t NEED to respond to every client question immediately. It’s perfectly fine to reply on your own schedule. This helps you stay focused!

What I love most is being able to put a due date on a task. I’m just OCD enough to be really bothered by those red alerts that I always go in and finishing my task, then remove the due date.

It’s also really helpful for tracking replies instead of hunting through all the emails. I have one email thread with a client right now that’s 22 messages long, I have to scroll back and find the one with blog categories we talked about. It’s not productive. A single card in Trello would be much more efficient.

Business HQ Trello Board | 6 Trello Boards You Need To Be Using in Your Coaching Business

3 | HQ

The HQ board is like my digital office manager. I use it to track my affiliate links, reoccurring business expenses, swipe copy (for things I repeat often like my bio), quick reference links for my own website, login info for course I’ve bought, link to things I want to invest in, and so much more. It’s like storing a copy of my brain in Trello.

Seriously, this board is so handy!

4 | Team Communication

Do you have a VA or other team member? Trello is a great way for keep track of communication with your team. (Psst - This is best of small teams of only 1-2.) I’m currently setting up a new board for my new design assistant. We use our board to keep track of top priorities, client info that needs to be relayed to each other, and other general communication.

5 | Content Creating + Ideas + Calendar

Trello is the perfect place to store all your content ideas and inspiration. I have lists for blog post ideas, posts that are in progress, and inspiration for posts that I’ve found around the internet. I also this same board to keep track of all the thing I do to prepare a blog for publishing. Which includes choosing a keyword rich title, spell checking, creating graphics and other things.

This means I can take one piece of content from just inspiration and brainstorming to publishing in just one Trello board. Once a post has been published, I take that over to content bank (I explain this below.) This board is helpful because I’m the type of person who has a lot of ideas, but needs time to polish them. It’s also really important that I have checklists for every single blog post because I often get ahead of myself and forget really important steps (like spell check! ha.)

Content Bank Trello Board | 6 Trello Boards You Need To Be Using in Your Coaching Business

6 | Content Bank

I love creating content, but it’s only half of the job. You also have to promote the content. You should be spending an equal amount of time promoting content as you do creating content. Having a detailed system for this process will save you so much time and you’ll also start seeing long-term benefits from the content you create when you have a system to track and organize your content.

I’ve written a full blog post about my content bank system that you might find really helpful here. I keep this separate from content creating and planning because it’s important for my own system to have finished polished posts. It would be too confusing if I included my half-done content ideas in this content board and Trello makes it easy to move or copy cards to different boards.

Don’t forget to sign up for a free account here, with my referral link which gives me a free month of Trello Gold.

You can also grab an exact copy of my Trello Content Bank System in digital download shop to help you use Trello to organize your own content.

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