How to Add an Announcement Bar to Your Squarespace Website

NOTE: The announcement bar is not available on the personal Squarespace plan. You will need to be on the Business plan or higher to use this feature. View the structure and features of each plan here.

Adding an announcement bar to your Squarespace site, couldn’t be any easier! It’s already built into your Squarespace site, so it’s really just a matter of enabling the bar and making sure it’s styled your liking.

How to Add an Announcement Bar to Your Squarespace Website

Before we dig into the how of getting it set up, let’s talk about the why.

Simply put, the announcement bar is used to draw attention to your call to action.

It’s positioned at the very top of the screen and stands out, so every user’s eye is drawn right to the announcement bar. It’s a great place for a call to action because it’s pretty hard to ignore but it’s not annoying to the person viewing your website like some other types of call to action notifications (ahem…the ever popular pop-up.)

You can use the announcement bar to….

  • Highlight a new blog post or product

  • Let people know about a special deal you are offering

  • Inform potential clients about your availability (SEE MINE!)

  • Announce an upcoming event or time off

  • Offer a new freebie or opt-in

  • Link to your calendar for a free discovery call

The possibilities are endless! So now let’s set this up, it’s going to take you less than 5 minutes, promise. Watch the video or scroll past to see the written instructions.

Quick note: The announcement bar is a premium feature available while using the Business Plan. If you are on the personal plan, you’ll have to update your Squarespace plan to use the announcement bar. Click here to see the differences between the plans.

To enable your announcement bar, you’ll go to your Design tab - scroll about mid-way, the announcement bar tab is right in the middle of the list.

Enable the bar, and then add your text. Use the bold and italic options for visual interest.

Then add your click through link.

Pro-tip: If you are linking to a page within your website, don’t check the box “open in a new window.” But if you are linking to a website outside of your own site, then do check that option. Then when your viewer is done doing the task, then can easily come right back to your site!

If you need to update the style settings, head back to the Design Tab, and going into the Style Editor and look for Announcement Bar. You’ll be able to change the colors and fonts to match your brand.

Ta-da! Your announcement bar is in action! Be sure to test the link to make sure it’s going to the right place.

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