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Beyond Mum is a community for mums (based in Australia!), a support system for women to live beautiful and fulfilled lives beyond motherhood. 


Ditty was really looking for branding that connect to her soul, as a bohemian spirit. I knew it needed to feel timeless, earthy, light and energizing. Ditty had mentioned in our strategy calls that she had previously had a feather in her logo but she no longer felt like it worked - she’d outgrown that style.

This really drives home that logos should be timeless, and stay away from things that are too trendy. This will ensure that your branding works for the long haul. In a year from now you don’t want to be worry about your logo seeming outdated. 


cream back-09.png

“I am soooo happy and in love with my new branding, Erin! Thank you so so much. You created something beautiful and SO true to me and the vibe I wanted it to give. It's just perfect and I'm so excited! : ) I feel more motivated than ever because of how much this aligns with my inner self. Thank thank thank thank you!” – Ditty Hope


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