My thoughts about "Big Plan for the Creative Mind" - Book Review

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Consider me feeling lucky to be able to write this post! 

I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of Big Plan for the Creative Mind and I’m so excited to share with you my thoughts and insights. 

 Big Plan for the Creative Mind book review.

A few weeks ago, I shared some new perspectives on goal setting, and that was all a result of this book. You see, Reina from Reina + Co had mentioned  something about type B personalities and the typical goal setting and planning not exactly working for those types of people. Uh, yes, tell me more. 

So, let me tell you why I was so excited to read this book.

I am far from being the “organized and schedule sticking” type. I turn off my alarm at 6:30 every morning, and go back to sleep until 8ish or until my kid is begging me for food. We are late to preschool regularly and we only live 3 minutes away. Our clean laundry permanently lives on the couch and my phone always need charged. You will find a plethora of typos in the post, because I’m always thinking at 115 mph. 

I tell you this because I am very impulsive and the type of person who just goes with the flow. Which means most of time I start something and quit easily, or I come with mountains of ideas and never follow through with them. 

I struggle with goal setting because it’s so structured. 

The trouble is, when you have a business where people are relying on you. You have to keep going, I can’t just give up. Since I’ve started reading and adapting other goal setting philosophies, I have noticed big changes. I’m hitting my goals, I’m excited about hitting those goals, and I’m able to look ahead to dream and plan for the future which has also always been a struggle for me. 

Why bother planning for five years from now, when the now isn’t exactly ideal? 

And that’s what has made me so excited to read this book. It’s full of case studies from various successful business women who have broken the mold when it comes to planning and living out their dreams, building amazing companies, and achieving monumental goals. 

This book, or rather the interviews inside it, are proof that you don’t have to do things a certain way to be a success. There are no rules to follow, you can adapt and making things work for you. 

And because, I’m nosey, I really enjoyed getting to check out the insider perspective on some major business women. Included in the interviews were Lara Casey from Cultivate What Matters, Tonya from InkWell Press, and Natalie Franke from The Rising Tide Society, among many other talented business owners. This is totally “celebrity” gossip for online entrepreneurs, right? 

I will say that I particularly loved Lara Casey’s chapter, as I’ve just discovered her and literally just ordered the 2018 PowerSheets. Her style inspires me! I’m discovering that I’m the type of person who really has to dig deep to figure out why I want something. 

The last last book I read on motivation and making things happen for yourself, was a very strict to this, then this, and this, and then X,Y,Z will happen. I desperately clung to the idea that if I could just follow this strict schedule and motivation regimen, then I’d finally be successful. I wanted to believe that this system would “fix me.” 

But, I’m not broken. And to be honest, I ended up taking said book back to the library without finishing it because every night I would go to bed with anxiety over whether or not tomorrow would be the day I woke up fixed. 

No two people can do everything exactly the same. Which is why I loved reading this book. For me it created an open space to create and adapt my own system for create and achieving goals. To give myself permission to stop trying to fit into a box that other people tell me is what success looks like. 

I really found it to be refreshing.

So, if you are looking for someone to tell you to do X,Y,Z to be successful, then this is not the book for you. 

However, if you are looking for a fresh perspective on goal setting or need some wonderful inspiration to develop a way of making plans that works for you. Then I highly recommend Big Plans for the Creative Mind.

And bonus: It’s a quick and easy read. 

This book will be available for purchase tomorrow, Oct 31, 2017. Yup, Halloween. You can pre-order it here.