30 Simply & Easy Blog Post Topics For Any Niche

Coming up with blog post topics is always tough for me, and I know I’m not alone in this. Every blogger at some point has said those dreaded words, “I don’t know what to write about.” 

It’s the worst, right? 

Tonight, I’m sitting on my couch and complaining to my husband, Blake, that I don’t know what to blog about. He replied with, “write about not knowing what to write.” Brilliant. 

30 ideas for blog post topics that will work for any niche.

Actually, don’t tell him I said this, but he IS pretty darn smart. A while back I created a list of 30 post ideas and just the other day, I was straightening up my office and found the list!  

It's actually a pretty good list, so today i'm sharing it. It's one of those universal blogger probs, so I know it will come in handy. 

When I wrote this list I really wanted to keep it pretty neutral. It can work for bloggers and small biz owners. Just replace the word business with blog and vice versa. Maybe not every single idea, but I do hope you'll find a few ideas. 

I recommend running through this list and write down every idea that pops in your mind, even the smallest little thought. 

I keep a running list of ideas in Trello. Then, I’ll write down as much as I can about the topic, so that when I’m ready to write a draft, I have all my notes in one place. I find it easiest to write as much as I can from the start, so that on nights like tonight when I just can't formulate any good words, I can pull from one of my more thought out ideas. 

So here we go, 30 ideas for blog posts! 

  1. Your story/background in your field

  2. Debunk a popular myth in your niche

  3. Behind the scenes look at your services

  4. Your creative process  (Here's mine)

  5. Must have products/tools for your business

  6. A tour of your office or studio

  7. How you got started doing your current gig

  8. The biggest mistake you’ve made in blogging 

  9. The most valuable lesson you’ve learned

  10. How you balance your business and life

  11. Your favorite blogs to follow

  12. Books that have influenced your business

  13. Things that inspire you

  14. How you stay organized

  15. How you use your own product

  16. Share a recent success

  17. Share a recent failure

  18. The details of a recent event you attended

  19. How to care for your product

  20. Interview a colleague in your field

  21. Sneak peek of an upcoming release

  22. Answer your FAQs

  23. Celebrate a milestone

  24. A day in your life 

  25. Highlight your most popular or favorite posts 

  26. Share a customer testimonial 

  27. Write about your favorite product or project

  28. Unbox a shipment of business supplies

  29. How did you pick your blog name

  30. How things have changed since you started your business

So, what do you think? Did you come with any ideas for your next post? 

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