Your Style Matters: Your Personal Branding Should Be Your First Priority

This goes against the grain, but your personal style is so important when it comes to designing your branding and website. It seems as though most brand coaches and designers tend to think that you should create a design that will attract your ideal client. 

 Your personal style is the most important part of your branding.

Attracting your ideal client is NOT the number one priority. Don’t get me wrong, it is important. Just not the most important aspect.

YOU are the number one priority in your business. You style and your tastes influence your work so much more than you might realize. 

“I haven't published a blog posts in...MONTHS!! I didn't like my website AT all which lead me to not want to hang out and publish there. Now that I have one I love...I'm back!” 

These words haven’t left my mind since I read them in a Facebook group for bloggers. 

Your website is the home of your business.

First of all, we do everything we can to make our home more comfortable and appealing for ourselves! We paint our walls, we hang pictures, we arrange our furniture in ways that works for us. You know, the people ACTUALLY living in the house. 

I painted one wall in my bathroom navy blue three years ago. I don’t care if anyone else in the world likes navy blue, I love it. It’s for me. It makes me happy. (This is where my obsession for navy blue started, if you were wondering.) 

So, what happens after we paint that wall? “Hey bestie, come check out the way I decorate my bathroom!” We invite others over to see it! We show it off! 

Do you see what I mean here with your branding and website? 

It needs to be something you love! Somewhere you want to hang out. Something you want show off. You need to feel comfortable and inspired. 

“I am soooo happy and in love with my new branding, Erin! Thank you so so much. You created something beautiful and SO true to me and the vibe I wanted it to give. It's just perfect and I'm so excited! : ) I feel more motivated than ever because of how much this aligns with my inner self. Thank thank thank thank you!” - email from my client

Design that speaks to you encourages you to work, to put your best self forward. Because you are PROUD of it! 

When you create a website you are proud of you want to hang out there! You want to post blogs, you want to share it out, you want people to see it. 

This is so much more important than worrying about attracting your ideal client. Attracting the right people should come second. 

Let’s face it, if you aren’t out there sharing, creating new content, and enjoying yourself, you probably aren’t attracting many clients in the first place. 

Ready to get your branding in align with your style?


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