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Guiding, motivating, and empowering women through God’s truth to break the cycle of dieting, choose health and live fit inside out.



Tabitha came to me wanting to refresh her branding with a softer more feminine touch and really show that her focus is on a spiritual life.  She also wanted to completely update her website and blog, including moving over to Squarespace for a more simplified online presence she could manage (mostly) herself. 

The branding for Brick House Bodies needed to be optimistic, inspiring, and strong. Tabitha already had a color palette she loved, so we worked backwards to create a style that encompassed her strong colors and showed her love for God, as that's a huge aspect of her company. 

For Tabitha's website we wanted to show all the aspects of her business, with a blog, podcast, and long list of certifications, Tabitha has a lot to offer her clients. We also wanted to show the softer side of her personality, and let me clients get to know her on a deeper level. 

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