Should direct sellers or network marketers have their own website?

Should direct sellers or network marketers have their own website? YES! They should!

This video is for all my direct seller friends!

Today, I'm talking to my ladies who are running their own direct sales or networking marketing empires.

Should direct sellers or network marketers have their own website?

Fun fact, I got my first taste of running my own business thanks to a special direct sales company! So I've been there, I really loved my company! I wish I had had the guts to have my own website when I was working my direct sales biz.

And now, I get to work with a lot of women who are in direct sales and networking marketing.

These ladies are at the TOP of their companies. They are earning free trips, they are on the advisory committees, and they are making good money! I mean, these are seriously inspiring women. These women are totally UNSTOPPABLE!

And one thing they all have in common besides being freaking amazing women is that they brand themselves and leverage their own personality and expertise as a piece of their business.

It's like how we all love Joanna Gaines and obsess about all things Magnolia. There are tons of other companies that do the same farmhouse style but what we really love about Magnolia is Joanna and her adorable family.

So as a direct seller or networking marketer, one really powerful way you can start to leverage yourself is with your own website, especially if you start a blog on your website.

And if you are unsure about the difference between a blog and website then you should check out my last video, it will totally clear everything up.

Having a website and a blog is going to allow you to really expand the way you are able to help your customers.

Have you ever looked on Pinterest for ideas about using your products? or even had a customer send you something that they found on Pinterest?

All of those posts on Pinterest, are on someone else's website and blog! Maybe it's another consultant in your company or maybe just a super fan of your product, BUT it could be YOUR website. You could be the one who shares the awesome ideas. Your website could be the go-to! ... ya, know, if you had one.

Having your own website is just another way to market your direct sales business and it's pretty low-cost, low-risk, high-reward. ... just sayin.

What are your questions about having your own website? Let me know in the comments!