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Driskotech teaches "video awesomeness" to direct sellers and small businesses. She also shares real life with her two daughters and her grief journey after losing her husband. 


Kari needed to updated her branding after business took a shift after suddenly losing her husband. Not only is she now teaching direct sellers how to create awesome videos, but she's sharing the real life aspects of life with her two girls. She wanted to branding to reflect the more down to earth side of things. Kari is a straightforward, no fluff, no-bullshit type of gal and her branding needed to reflect that.

Kari already had well-known, well thought out brand before we worked together. This wasn't a complete overhaul, it was a refining process. She wanted to keep the logo she has been using and had some ideas about what colors and fonts but was really open to suggestions. 

NOTE: The Driskotech logo was created by another talented designer. 



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