Easy tweaks for a more effective website

Creating a strategic website seems like a lot of work. And it kind of is, but it doesn't have to be!

There are some minor tweaks that you can do just to make your website a little more effective in connecting with your audience.

A few minor tweaks like updating and simplifying can go a long ways when it comes to creating a strategic website.

Easy tweaks for a more effective website


One thing that I would urge you to do is, look where you can simplify.

Are there links in your navigation or pages in your main navigation that aren't that popular, that don't necessarily need to be in the main navigation? I would say that most websites only need five to seven links in the main navigation and the closer to five the better. You want to keep it very simple and easy for your readers to navigate your website.

You could also simplify your packages, narrow it down to three or four things that you do really well instead of having ten things that are okay or that you don't necessarily like to do. Narrow down your packages and then people will be able to make a choice much easier much quicker because then you don't really have to deal with this decision fatigue, where they're so overwhelmed with how many options are, they don't choose any. 

You can also simplify your portfolio. You don't need to show every piece of work you've done, select really high-quality pieces of work that you've created that speak to your audience in your ideal client. And simplify it be a number of things on your website. People are not going to click through 50 galleries of photographs you've taken. Choose a handful of your favorites, that represent the best of the best.

You could also add automations in some places. Simplify or take away a step of the workflow. So, that it just makes it easier for people to book with you or contact you.

For example on my own website I started embedding my scheduling app Acuity. That way you don't even have to email me to get an appointment you just click and it takes you right to the calendar to pick the time that works best for you. Do that here.

Try to think about ways where you could do that same thing and simplify and take away a step make the process smooth and seamless for your clients. And they'll feel like you're really providing a great value with your service.


You can also do a couple of easy updates. Things like updating your opt-in, so the design is more modern or maybe you create a new opt-in that's juicier or better than the last one.

You can also add content upgrades to your older more popular blog posts. So, select five or ten that are your most popular blog posts and create a worksheet or checklist to go with it and that to your blog posts and then people will be able to sign up for your email list through that content upgrade. 

You can also go back and update old blog posts that maybe the information has changed it's not as relevant or you have more to say about it, because your experience has changed.

You can also add an announcement bar. So, if you have a new package or if you're booking in certain months, or if you have a new freebie; create that announcement bar at the very top. If you're using square space that's already inside of square space or if you're on WordPress you can add a plug-in that offers that. As soon as they come on your website that's the first thing you're seeing. So, that's a great way to either send them to a specific blog post or tell them about a new freebie you're offering.

You might want to update the headlines on the main pages of your website. So, your about page, your contact page, your product page, your home page, you may not have time or the energy or the desire to do a full copy update and that's totally fine but maybe you can tweak those headlines. So, that they speak to your reader a little more, they're a little more specific, they're a little more detailed and you can really catch in the reader with some compelling headlines, because the headlines is probably 75% of the battle. 

You don't have to do a major overhaul all the time. I’m totally guilty of that, I love to overhaul my website but those minor tweaks are going to just make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your website.

If you'd like a little bit more information on creating a strategic website, you can grab my favorite freebie down below. I’ve included the link and it walks you through creating a strategic website from start to finish. So, everything that you would need to know is inside that freebie.

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