How to Make A Gold Foil Quote

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Are you a sucker for this gold foil craze like I am? It's everywhere, but you won't hear me complaining! It's pretty and fun, way better than other weird tie-dye. Who thought that was a good idea? 

 How to make a gold foil quote image without fancy software

Making gold foil quotes is actually pretty easy! And you don't need any fancy designer software. 

You can make a gold foil quote just like this using the free website called

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.32.40 PM.png

I thought it would be best to SHOW you exactly how to do it, so here's a quick video tutorial. There is one thing you need before you get started. And that's a gold foil image. 

I always recommend you purchase a digital paper from somewhere like Creative Market or Etsy. Here are few that I like from Creative Market. 

12 Goil Foil Textures - $6

28 Gold Metallic Textures - $8

As you can see they are really affordable. By purchasing your foil, you can assure that it's great quality and allowed for commercial use. 

This is the same idea when I create logo with things like foil. Here's an example of my friend, mentor, and business superstar Trish Russell's logo. 

Here we used a subtle ombre red metallic digital paper. This give her logo a little more depth than just using a flat red. 

Trish Russell logo uses red foil.png

Ok, here's that video I promised!