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Jess Garay is a soul coach and business mentor based out of Ontario, Canada. Jess is amazing coach for women business owners looking to create ease, simplicity and gain clarity in their business. She’s also the creator of the Shine Your Truth social campaign which all about connecting with your fellow entrepreneurs to bravely share your message and create a lasting impact with your clients.

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A note from Jess:

“I loved everything about working with Erin! From the seamless on boarding process to the finished result - Erin kept me in the loop every step of the way and gave me things on my site and in my branding that I didn’t even know that I needed! Having a beautiful and functional site inspires me to share it whenever possible!”

Creating a custom website for Jess was important to help her stop playing small in her business. She wanted increased functionality, visibility, collaboration, and therefore increased trust, increased clients and increased impact.

A note from me:

I’ve been very fortunate to know Jess in the online space for a couple of years! We first met in a tight knit online community and from there our friendship has blossomed into one of mutual admiration and respect. I was eager to help Jess improve and redesign her website because her old website was not equal to the level of support and quality of work that Jess is providing for her clients.

This website was a beautiful collaboration with Jess. I loved taking her visions for a beach vibe and turning it into a professional website that allows her clients to really get to know her and her style. For this site I used a few of my favorite resources (listed below) to really create a one of kind website that matched the impact Jess has with her clients. There was also the added challenge of creating a landing page for the Shine Your Truth campaign that looks totally different that the rest of the website.

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Squarespace Website Design for Coaches by Alexander Design Co.
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I used these two premium plugins to help create some of the unique structure of Jess’s site.

Lightbox anything from SQSP Themes.

Testimonial Slider from SQSP Themes.

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