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"My Prayer For You was born out of a desire to give people that feeling they get when they learn someone has been praying for them."

My Prayer For You is a service that takes the old saying of “Your in my Prayers” or “I’ll Pray for you” and turns it into something more. It’s an opportunity to send an unsuspecting person a handwritten note – the gift of prayer – straight to their mailbox to brighten their day.


Abby came to me help her launch her brand new dream business! Wait, actually, Abby came to me to help her design a new bucket list blog and then dreamed up this idea and we totally changed gears. It was really exciting to help her launch this idea. It's such a unique service, and she has such a strong passion for sharing her love of prayer. 

NOTE: Abby's website is built on Wordpress, not my typical Squarespace. The theme development was done by Georgia Lou Studios and I did all of the styling, icon design, and customizing of the theme. 


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