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Disclosure: I am an Interact Quiz partner. This post does contain affiliate links. All opinion are my own and I will never back something I do not believe in 100%. Thank you! 

Quizzes are hot topic these days….wait, who I am kidding. Quizzes have always been a hot topic. I mean, if your teenage years weren’t spent taking “who is your ultimate celebrity crush?” you probably are younger than me. 

Online quizzes are becoming increasingly popular thanks to places like Buzzfeed, who pop out approximately a million quizzes per day, like “Which Disney Prince Should You Marry?”* 

Big Plan for the Creative Mind book review.

Who doesn’t need to know THAT

*I totally made that up but it probably exisits. But, I call dibs on Flynn Rider. 

A fun and engaging quiz can be really a great way to add value to your business and grow your email list. 

For my recent course launch, I used a quiz to prequalify my readers to prime them for the idea what I wanted to teach. 

That sounds way more robotic and salesy than it really is, let me explain. 

I created a course to teach bloggers and business owners how to use Adobe Illustrator, and I’m very aware that not everyone is in the position to learn Illustrator or even interested in learning the program. I just didn’t want people to spend money on a course that wasn’t a good fit for them, so I wanted to be able let them figure out if it would be a good course for them. 

The first step to creating a quiz is the planning phase. This was actually the most difficult and time consuming part of the whole process. I started from the end results and worked backwards to get my questions. I really wanted to be sure to address the most common objections (the price, learning curve, ability to use on your phone) I’d heard about Illustrator with my questions too. 

I feel like this helped my audience feel more comfortable with the results, they knew I wasn’t trying to trick them into thinking they needed Illustrator. I was just giving them options.

After I had a plan in place, I used Interact Quiz to make my quiz. 

Interact was so easy to use. I found the program to be very user-friendly and I was able to jump right in and create my quiz. I really don’t like having to watch a tutorial to use something, I really just like to try things for myself. 

They also have a couple of different quiz styles to choose from and I’m excited to test out the others and see how they can enhance my business. I used the personality style for my quiz, which I've shared at the end of this post.

To actually create my quiz, I started with a premade template to make sure I didn’t miss anything, since this was my first time. I especially loved was how easy it was to match the quiz to my brand, everything was completely customizable. Even using a template, I felt like the quiz totally matched my brand. 

My absolute favorite piece of the whole process was the correlations to point to the end results from the questions. This means, that multiple questions could lead to a multiple responses, but in the end the response that had the most points would lead to the final answer. This was super helpful, as most of my questions could lead to a couple of possibilities. 

After my quiz was complete and ready to go, I connected it to my ConvertKit account and started sharing it out. 

You won’t believe this conversion rate. So 38% that saw my quiz actually took it. And 25% that saw it, turned into leads, so they are now on my email list. At the end of the quiz, I did give people the option to see results without leaving their email address. This also helps build my credibility, as people can see that I'm not just trying to collect email addresses, I really do in fact want to help.

Now one thing to note is that most of the people who took the quiz, didn’t not get the response that leads to my course. Which is totally ok. My goal wasn’t to try and force people to feel like they need my course. But, that is something I want to work on tweaking a little bit, to see if I can get more people interested in my course with the quiz. Because I honestly, believe that Illustrator is the answer to so many DIY design problems. 

The next step for me is to meet people where they are and create blog posts and maybe products to help them. Since the quiz is linked to Convert Kit, I’m able to tag them and then I can send them content that meets their needs. It’s very cool, and helps me target my email list to better serve them!

Seriously, cool. 

Here’s the quiz I created if you want to check it out. 

Can you see a quiz working for your biz? What kind of quiz would you create?

But more importantly, which Disney Prince/main man should you marry?!?! 

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