Is rebranding your business right for you? Three reasons why it might be time to rebrand

Have you been thinking about rebranding your business, but you just really aren't sure? It's a big decision to make so today's video is going to help you with that decision! I'm going to go over all the reasons you might want to rebrand your business.


When you are ready to rebrand your business. Let's first talk about what I mean by the word: rebranding. In this case, I'm talking about updating your logo, brand colors, style, and website including doing things like aligning your messaging to really make a big impact.

Is rebranding your business right for you? Three reasons why it might be time to rebrand

Honestly, it's a scary decision. Even I've had one failed rebranding experience, where I impulsively made some decisions for my business that really didn't match my long-term vision for the company. So there's a little warning, don't do anything impulsively.

Rebranding is kind of like buying a new car. You do some research, plan ahead and figure out the logistics and then do the thing.

So, if you are considering rebranding one three things are happening in your business.

1- You've outgrown your branding.

This is totally normal. In the first few years of running your business things change very quickly! Now that you've been working on your business for 2-3 years and you evolve as a business owner, you start to find what you are really good and what you don't like doing. You might have started to offer different services or products from when you first started or messaging has to change a little bit. And your current branding just doesn't really fit your business anymore.

2- Your branding doesn't attract the right clients.

Sometimes your branding just doesn't speak to the right clients. For example, if you run a chic boutique that caters to high-paying professional women but your branding is really bright and playful, the women who are looking for professional attire might see your logo and ignore your shop because they don't realize you have what they need.

This can go hand in hand with the first reason we talked about, that maybe you used to carry jeans and graphics tee's but your business has evolved a bit and you really only carry pencil skirts and button up blouses.

Your branding could be confusing and not really attract the right clients.

3- You just don't feel good about your branding.

You aren't proud of it, you don't like using it, you feel blah about it. That's not good for your business or your motivation.

The perfect brand is a balance of what you like and what attracts your clients. Your branding should inspire you to do your best work. When you feel really good about sharing your business because you are proud of what you are putting out into the world! You will find that your business grows and it's really hard to do that when you are embarrassed by your logo or fonts.

I actually just had a recent client tell me that she never really used her old logo because it seemed cheesy and didn't fit her business at all. She just wasn't excited or inspired by her old logo. But don't worry, because she has a new logo that she loves now!

So most of the time its more likely to be a combination of these things. I'd love to hear why you are considering rebranding your business, let me know in the comments what on your mind when come to rebranding your business.

Now once you have figured why your current branding isn't working you'll know where you want to focus on your energy to help align the new direction of your branding.

One of the biggest hurdles I've found when working with other women business owners is that you have to give yourself permission to change your mind! This happens more than you think.

We feel so much pressure to be successful that often times we allow ourselves to feel embarrassed or ashamed that we want to change our branding or even our services. But listen friend, humans change their mind all the time and it's totally ok!

Imagine if your best friend was telling you she doesn't feel like her job is the best fit for her right now, would you convince her to stay in a job that she doesn't absolutely love? NO! You wouldn't. Of course, we have to be smart about it and plan ahead and get a new plan in place before jumping ship.

Same thing with your own business!

If your current branding isn't working for whatever reason you have to give yourself permission to do what works for you and make the right changes. Once you do that, you'll feel better about your business which means more motivation, more inspiration, and more determination to make big things happen in your business.

Rebranding is like a brand new haircut for your business, after a good haircut you feel sassy and in charge! It's time for you to feel that way about your business.

If you are ready for that sassy business feeling, I'd love to talk to you about your business and branding! I love helping business women like you level up their business with killer branding and web design.

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