Why your small business needs a website

Did you know that 60% of Small Businesses do not have a website, but that 80% of people research a company online BEFORE visiting the small business or making a purchase with them!

Do I really need a website for small business? 

The short answer is YES! 

In 2018, customers expect you to have a website, and if you don't, you lose some of your credibility. People are already looking for your services online and if you don't have a website they aren't going to find you, but they will find someone else ... who does have a website.

Having your own website allows you to take control of what gets seen, you don't have to worry about things like social media algorithms!

It also allows you to show off your expertise and expand your relationship with potential clients. And you can showcase your services and products more creatively, which allows your future clients to see how your stuff fit into their lives!

Having a website makes you feel pretty badass.

Why your small business needs a website

Imagine you run into someone who asks what you do for a living and you tell them about your freaking amazing business, and they say WOW that's so cool! How can I get more info....but since you don't have a website - you mumble something about emailing them one day and write their email address on a crumpled up receipt.

Not a good scenario.

Now imagine that when they asked you how to get more information you said, Oh, You can get all the details on my website! And you CONFIDENTLY give them a business card with your website address. Boom.

Having a professional home base online makes your biz feel way more legit, especially when you are just starting out. Honestly, people WILL take you more seriously because they know you are invested even if you are still feeling this-is-new-territory jitters.

As a general rule, people are more likely to visit your website for the first point of contact than they are to email you because it takes less commitment. And we humans are afraid of commitment.

Oh and major bonus: The internet never sleeps! Your website is working for your 24/7 which is more than even the worst of the workaholics.

Ok, are you convinced you need a website now? I can say with confidence that a good website is totally worth it. So do it.

If you are just getting started planning your first website, grab a copy of my Website Blueprint! It's full guide to help you understand everything you need on your website. 

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