How To Make Your Squarespace Website Pinterest Friendly

Putting your content on Pinterest is absolutely required for business these days. And making sure your Squarespace website is Pinterest friendly is super easy!

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These first three steps are going to ensure that your site and Pinterest are talking to each other. Here’s a video tutorial if you prefer.


1- Connect your accounts!

You need to make sure your Pinterest account is connected your website. Do this under Settings, Connected Accounts. Click on the big connect account button and find Pinterest. Approve the permissions and you’ll be good to go.

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2- Claim your domain on Pinterest.

Go to your Pinterest account settings (in the three dots on the upper right corner). On that page you’ll have a place to claim your domain, you just have to type it in, hit connect and your good to go. (Can you tell I like saying that?)

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3- Validate your URL for Rich Pins.

Note: You DO NOT need to add meta to your site as long as you have connected your Pinterest account first.

Go here first using the Rich Pins Validator.

If you having trouble you probably just need to go back to step one, disconnect Pinterest and then reconnect. Here’s the support page from Squarespace if you need more help.

4- Make sure the Pinterest save buttons are enabled.

In the Marketing tab, you can turn them on and off. There are also some settings you can change to adjust the way the pin button looks. If you have a shop on your site, make sure to include products! People love to shop on Pinterest.

How To Make Your Squarespace Website Pinterest Friendly

5- Add Pinterest graphics to every single post!

Side story: Recently I’ve been going through Facebook groups and adding my recent blog posts to promo threads and then I scroll through the feed to find pieces I think my audience would like to add to my Tailwind Queue. (<—- referral link that gives you a free month) Guess the number one reason I end up not sharing an otherwise good post?

NO PINTEREST IMAGE! Sometimes no images what so ever. How I can pin your post if there is no image?

How To Make Your Squarespace Website Pinterest Friendly

At the very least you need at least one Pinterest image in every single blog post. It needs to be long and skinny and include the title of the post. The Pinterest feed doesn’t show very much text with it, which is why your Pinterest image must include the title of your blog post.

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Pro-tip: Optimal Pinterest images are 600 x 900 pixels.

Bonus tip: I actually use my Pinterest image as my blog post thumbnail which makes it easier when I’m setting up my Tailwind Queue for the month. Not required, but saves me a little bit of time each month. I tried switching this to another size which made my Pinterest stats TANK.

6- Use the excerpt field.

Make sure to add something to the excerpt of your post (I’ll usually put the first sentence of my post) and update the file name of the photo with the title of your blog post.

NOTE: Due to some of the quirky Squarespace templates you might not want to include a thumbnail or excerpt, but you can still have a Pinterest friendly site. You might just have to edit your pins a little bit after you pin them yourself. Just ignore this step if doesn’t work for your blog design/layout.

7- Pin your posts!

Technically this isn’t really a step, but I wanted to show you that you can push your posts directly to Pinterest in the Settings of each post under Social. This is was also one of the settings you can adjust in step one. I personally don’t push my posts automatically, because I have a system for pinning my content in Tailwind that works for me.

How To Make Your Squarespace Website Pinterest Friendly | Alexander Design Co. | Squarespace Website Design

Another side note: If you haven’t checked out Tailwind yet, I highly recommend giving it a try. I’m ruthless with my business budget, and this is one tool I’m happy to pay for each month. Once I started using Tailwind and Pinterest strategically my Pinterest stats quadrupled and Pinterest became the number one source of traffic for my website. If you use my referral link, you’ll get a free 30 day trial and I get bit of credit on my account! Win-win!

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