How to Survive the Holidays as Entrepreneur 

The holidays are here. It’s officially the craziest time of year for everyone. Last year was my first year working for myself, and it wasn’t as wonderful as I had hoped it would be. 

We’re talking awful business advice from family, trying to explain what I do to my husband’s relatives and some lack of discipline on my part.

Here are all the crappy parts from my first holiday season in business so we don’t make the same mistakes this year. 


Give yourself a reasonable amount of time off.

One of the biggest benefits of working for yourself is flexibility in your schedule. But it’s also really easy to let a long weekend slide into a whole week off since there is no one expecting you to show up. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying your flexibility and time off just don’t let a 4 day weekend turn into a two-week Netflix-binge session. It will 100% times hard to get back to work after taking too much time off. Decided now what the plan for time off is and stick to it.

Schedule something extra motivating right after a break.

One easy way to make sure you stick to your working days is to schedule something fun or motivating to kick off the new week. 

For example, the Monday after Thanksgiving is the start day for my next big client project. Start dates are really fun in my business. Scheduling it the day after was really strategic on my part. It gives me something to look forward to after a long (hopefully) relaxing weekend. 

You could schedule a call with your coach or mastermind group, plan a fun event on your Facebook page, announce a new service. Just something to look forward to that makes you want to get back to work! 

Schedule extra playtime for your kids.

Something about extra days at home makes kids totally nuts. Plan for trips to the library or the indoor playground at Burger King, any place for your kids to burn up their crazies. When they are totally exhausted you have a better chance of actually getting something done. You might even find another work from home mom buddy and swap playdates. 

Say no.

I don’t know about you, but people seem to think that because I work from home, I’m not busy. Which means they ask me to do them favors, run errands, or wait around for them. It’s really super annoying and this time of year the requests are aplenty. It’s ok to say no to these things. 

Now, I totally do not believe everything is no. I’m using this season to teach my daughter to be kind and generous, however, that will not come at the expense of my business. When asked to do a favor or fill a special request, make sure it fits into your schedule before saying yes. 

Practice your one-liner.

People are going to ask what you do, and they probably won’t understand how you actually make money doing it. There seems to be a generation of people who just can’t understand how an online business works. You can explain it all day long and they still might not get it. 

This can be really frustrating, just give them your one-liner about your business and change the subject. Or go refill your wine glass. 

Don’t take harsh words personally.

I don’t know why but people say some really horrible things that they just don’t see as offensive. Last year, I heard, “you’ll never make it unless…..” so many times. And honestly, those things were all ethically questionable and horrible business advice. I walked away in tears. It was so defeating. 

They might also suggest you apply for a job they saw or wonder what you do all day. I really just think that they don’t realize how hurtful it can be.

For most people, work is just a job. But for us, it’s so much more, it’s our passion and our life. It can be hard to listen to some of the things people say, but just remember they really do have your best interest at heart and they are not trying to be hurtful. 

What's the worst business advice you've heard? What does your work schedule look like for the holidays?