Why I use and love Squarespace

Today, I'm talking about my love for Squarespace and why I recommend my clients like to use it as well.


This is one of the questions I see most often in Facebook groups. Deciding where to host your website is overwhelming. I'm sure you've already spent plenty of time searching through features and prices. So I'm going to share with you why I choose to use Squarespace and what I personally love about. Sometimes it's nice to hear the perspective of another human, not list of features.

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Of course, we start here, I am a designer after all. Squarespace comes with something like 40 premade templates and they are fully customizable. What I really love about using Squarespace is that it allows me to be totally creative and inspired by beautiful design and not have to worry about the code aspects of bringing that to life. Coding is a beast of its own and not something that I really love or feel comfortable doing. If I was using another platform I'd have to work with a developer, so using Squarespace means I can keep the costs down for my client as well. So double duty looks amazing and keeps the cost of design a website down.


After we create you a beautiful website, you are going to have to maintain it and by that, I mean, make some updates in your copy, switch out your opt-ins, add new blogs posts, add new products or change your services. With Squarespace, these types of things are simple and straightforward. I've heard from past clients that have switched over to Squarespace have a loved this! So not only is easy to maintain, it's also easy to learn.


Hosting, security, updates - all of those things are taken care of by Squarespace. You pay one fee monthly or annual fee and it's all included. I'll tell you my horror story when I first started my business I set up a Wordpress website and for some reason, I had spam links pinging my website and I had no clue how to fix it myself. I was panicked and my hosting guru was unavailable to help me out. I'll be totally honest, I was in tears. this is when I switched to Squarespace and haven't looked back.


These days we live and breath by our cell phones and tablets, they are just so handy. People are scrolling Pinterest while they wait for an appointment or standing in line at the store. That means we need to make sure our website works on the go!

Squarespace makes that easier than ever. all of the templates are mobile responsive, then add a little CSS to make it even better, and we're good to go.

At the time of recording this video, I'm actually working on another platform and I can assure you that getting that website to look just as good on mobile is much harder than it when I'm doing the same kind of thing on Squarespace.


I rarely have to use the Squarespace support team, but when I do they've been able to help me so quickly. How about another horror story? The last website I created on Wordpress, kept getting an error which caused the blog to disappear! It took three times of talking to online support from the hosting company to figure out the issue, plus 10 emails to the theme developer who didn't think it was her problem to help me fix the problem. Talk about stressful.

But since Squarespace is an all in one platform this is all taken care of by them. It would have been one chat session to figure out and fix the problem.

Well there you have it, five reasons why I choose Squarespace to design websites for my clients who need an easy but professional way to host their website and rock their business! The beautiful design, easy to maintain and learn to use, the all in one system and it's already mobile responsive. Plus the support team is pretty awesome.

All in all, I love my decision to host my own website on Squarespace and my clients love it too. I find that Squarespace fits the needs and desires of most of my clients

What questions do you have about Squarespace? Pop those in comments below and I'll point you in the right direction!

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