10 Ways to Use Squarespace Cover Pages

One of the things big selling points of Squarespace is its versatility. It has an all in one aspect that really makes it worth every penny. One of those being the cover page feature.

A cover page is a very simple landing page. A cover page only one has purpose. The main idea is to keep the option limited, so when viewers come to the page they know exactly what to do. All of the Squarespace cover pages offered are beautifully designed, mobile-responsive, and versatile.

Here are 10 ways to use a Squarespace cover page, but I bet we could probably come up with more!

10 Ways to Use Squarespace Cover Pages

 1| Coming soon page

While your website is under construction, put up a cover page to tell people where they can go to find you now! If they just land on your site with nowhere to go you will probably lose their interest. You can send them to your Facebook page or have them sign up for your email list. This also helps build hype around your upcoming launch!

2| Welcome page

Use your cover page as home page to welcome visitors to your site. This is an easy way to tell what you are about without any distractions. This can also be easier to update more often, like if you have seasonal offerings.


3| Launch page

Have a big launch coming up? Put up a cover page to make sure everyone who visits your web site knows about the launch. It’s a temporary home page! Then when your launch is over you can take down the page without messing up your normal home page.

4| Pre-Launch

Use your cover page before you are ready to launch to build hype! This also helps you to start gathering email address for those who might be interested in your products, before you are ready to reveal them to the world.

5| Opt-in

Use a cover page to highlight your best opt-in. When the only thing on page is the option to sign up for an email list, people are more likely to do it. Think of it like when you are at the gas station grabbing something to drink but there are so many options, you can’t decided. But at home, where you only have water, you drink the water, no thought process required. Same thing. 

6| Thank you page

This one is for after they sign-up or buy something, you have a special thank you page. This can direct them to the next place or have an extra freebie. It’s just a nice touch to say thank you. It shows you put a little effort in and goes a long way to show great customer service.


7| Event page

Great to share details about an upcoming event is a with a cover page. It’s just simple enough to have all the details without looking plain. It’s also more professional than just using a ticket page like Eventbrite.

8| Hub for multiple businesses.

If you have two business a cover page can be a great way to simplify and look professional. For example, if you are a blogger and a graphic designer, you can send people to one website (cover page) that links to both places. Or if you are a direct seller with two companies, you can use a cover page to link to both web site but only have one link on your business card. This is way less overwhelming for your clients than giving them two web addresses.

9| Highlight a video or podcast

There are cover pages that are perfect for highlighting a video or podcast, they are specially made for that. This is a great way to give your website visitors a taste of your YouTube Channel or Podcast.  

10| Track incoming clicks

A cover page is great way to use track incoming traffic from a specific source. I used to use a special link to track my instagram conversions. This also works if you were at event handing out information. It’s easy to see where your traffic is coming from when only specific people have the link.

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