Want to be a Coach? You need to read this first!

This is a guest post from Betty of livingwellnessence.com

Wondering whether you should become a coach or not?

Do you know you want to be a coach and are considering starting your own coaching business?

Maybe you are you simply wondering how to get started as a coach?

Today, I am going to share with you “20 Powerful Questions” to determine if coaching is right for you BEFORE starting your coaching business!

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Asking yourself these questions will help you to progress faster whether you decide if this is really your purpose or not. If it’s not, then you aren’t wasting any more of your time but if it is then you will be well ahead of the game with being properly equipped for the job!

Contemplation about starting ANY business can be both an exhilarating moment and an intimidating one… when it is a business that brings you into someone’s life, it is not an idea to be taken lightly.

Research shows that people are more successful when they work with a coach.

Coaching is an exploding industry right now and for good reason… our modern lifestyles often lead to stress, overwhelm, and poor lifestyle choices. Thousands of people are looking for guidance in a variety of ways throughout their life. Maybe they are training for their next marathon, or they want to lose 30 lbs to fit into their favorite pair of jeans again, maybe they have certain goals to expand their business and optimize areas of administration. Whatever the reason, having a coach is beneficial and simply put... people need coaching.

I personally believe everyone should have a coach because in reality, we ALL do better when we have a quality support system and some good ole’ accountability! Coaching is an incredibly powerful approach and can be an incredibly fulfilling job.

Starting a coaching business comes with an even heavier commitment than a lot of other businesses.

You are not simply providing a physical product to a customer, you are delving into personal areas of their LIFE. They deserve to be treated morally, with compassion, and as a priority when they sign on to work with you. In a holistic sense, a coach is a healer… an inspirer and a guide.

Yes, it’s very personal decision to hire a coach and yes, it will stretch you beyond your comfort levels but serving as a coach can also be the most rewarding service you have the option to be a part of as you aspire to “change the world”!

Ultimately, you must have a passion for helping others, dedication to your own self-development, and at least a basic understanding of human nature.

Determine if coaching is right for you BEFORE starting your coaching business!

My own journey to becoming a coach took longer much longer than it should have! I admit it was a somewhat unexpected endeavor. Even though I have always been interested in personal development, emotional health, and living more naturally, I am far from being a “complete crunchy,” a “fitness buff” or a “health guru” LOL even running a business was completely new to me.

The experiences in my life blended with my natural personality and a generous amount of compassion meant I developed certain strengths that are meant for coaching… without realizing it.

I became that friend to call on and a knowledgeable person to ask for advice from. Little did I know that the mission to brand myself within the Direct Sales world would lead to an irreversible journey while diving into some serious self-exploration!

What’s the point of sharing a little of my back-story?? I wasn’t “trying” to become a coach but if you are here, I’m assuming you are thinking about it.

Don’t get me wrong, this journey is not one I would change for the world…


There were definitely some things I coulda, woulda, shoulda asked myself or done better along the way if I was in your shoes and contemplating being a coach. Had I consciously considered these very questions before choosing to become a coach, it may not have taken me so long to accept where I was and to create my vision for where I am going!

So, let me help save you some precious time… ask yourself these questions BEFORE you get started with coaching. If you love the idea of impacting the lives of others and have a burning desire to create change in the world... coaching can be an attractive endeavor! It is most definitely worth your consideration.

With that being said… Here is a smidge of advice to you,

Dear Reader,

“Self-reflection is a KEY action to take consistently in your life...

no matter the decision that is before you!”

Without further ado…

Find a quiet area, grab your favorite hot beverage, your pen, and paper (or your journal). You will want to spend some time with these questions, probably about 30 minutes. Commit to meditating on them, I encourage you to consider revisiting them a couple of times within a week of getting started. After you have had time to sleep on it you may be surprised by some new responses or insights from your subconscious.

Some of them may seem redundant at first, but I assure you, they highlight different perspectives and help you to dig a little deeper. That is why I highlight the importance to really think about them.

20 powerful questions to determine if coaching is right for you!

  1. What is your reason…? Consider your motives and intentions for wanting to start a coaching business.

  2. What is your purpose in life? Often times, pursuing a passion is what leads us to find our purpose...

  3. Am I aware of what coaching truly is? It is not therapy or counseling.

  4. Have you been coached, or considered being coached, personally? It is helpful to have first-hand experience to understand how it works.

  5. Is now a good time for you? Look at your current circumstances and responsibilities in your own life… is now a good time to add building a business?

  6. What kind of coach would you want to be? Why? There are SO many options, the more specific you can be from the start, the better!

  7. What do you have to offer people?

  8. What strengths do you have already that would support becoming a coach?

  9. What skills do I possess or am able to acquire in order to be a great coach?

  10. Do you have a healthy support system & access to resources? You will be faced with challenges along the way… what kind of emotional, financial, and even technical support do you have behind you?

  11. What are the regulations & laws in your state? Looking at the kind of coach you want to be, you may need things like certifications or to carry insurance.

  12. Do you have experience with running a business? You may consider learning more about this to acquire the “know-how” before jumping in!

  13. Are you ready to be an entrepreneur? The thought of being your own boss is definitely an exciting one! You decide your hours and can work from literally anywhere, but your commitment to showing up constantly needs to be a priority.

  14. How important is Personal Development to you? Coaches need to live what they teach. You are your own best client, having practiced with yourself, you will have more understanding, insight, and relatability!

  15. Are you ready to rumble with vulnerability? Being a coach puts you in front of people in a way you may not be familiar with. You will be marketing yourself, you are your brand!

  16. What are some of your “limiting beliefs”? Beliefs of not knowing enough, of being a fraud, or even that no one will want to work with you… we all have fears but knowing what they are creates awareness and can help to drive our actions. Whether good or bad, those actions are up to you!

  17. Do you practice self-development in your own life?

  18. How important is self-care to you? Not the pampering yourself with mani-pedi’s every weekend, although at times those do feel rewarding. I am talking about the genuine moments to refresh and recharge mind, body, spirit… self-care is sacred!

  19. What are your levels of mental & mindset mastery? Consider things like personal boundaries, stamina, problem-solving skills, and deep listening ability.

    Those each have a great relation to your decision in whether or not to start a coaching business, but the greatest thing you can ask yourself is this..

  20. Are you driven, willing and able to invest in yourself?

Ultimately, that is the one thing that will make or break your coaching practice!

There you are… you should weigh the pros and cons for yourself, and, above all, go out there and experience it so that you can decide if it’s really something you want to pursue.

I would LOVE to hear what you came up with… your thoughts, biggest a-ha moments, any ideas, fears, and your burning questions!

Comment them below so I can support you as well! Feel free to message me from my little corner of the net at livingwellnessence.com where I serve women & homemakers as their Holistic Wellness & Spiritual Development Coach. You can also find me on the Living Wellnessence Facebook Page HERE. I’d enjoy chatting with you!

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Betty is a dedicated wife, a homeschooling Mompreneur, and the founder of Living Wellnessence where she serves women, homemakers, and caregivers as a Holistic Wellness Coach & Spiritual Development Mentor. She helps them to navigate seasons of life, inspires them to explore a holistic perspective, and shares effective ways to embrace a more natural lifestyle. and her goal is to help you create a life you love so you to can experience better health, wellness, and happiness!