What you need to gather for your website?

Gathering the content you need for your website can be overwhelming but we can break it down into just three categories of content that you will need. 


What you need to gather for your website?

Prepping the content you need for your website.

Whether this is your first website and you're gonna do it yourself or you're upgrading your website and finally getting your first professional website, there are some things aka website content that you must have in order to make a good website. There's no point in you investing a couple thousand dollars in a website if you don't have all the content that needs to go on it.

What you need to have in order to create a beautiful strategic website.

Gathering the content for your website is a lot of work. I get it.

This is one of the biggest areas where my clients struggle. They don't know what goes on a web site. They don't know what they need and so I’m gonna walk you through the basics of what you need and your specific business probably has different needs, but this will be a great jumping-off point.

There are three main categories of things that you need to gather for your website content. 

  1. Written copy

  2. Photographs or videos

  3. External things like links, connected apps, PDFs, etc.

Written Copy

The copy on your website needs to tell a story. So, no matter whether you're crafting the copy for your homepage or your about page or even a blog posts, you want to tell a story with the words that you're using. And you want it to be engaging and you want to have it focused towards your audience. It's about them in the connection that you're gonna create with them. Even your about page is not about you, it's about them and how what you have helps them. So, it's important to note that.

Because a lot of times I’ll see about page that just talks about the person who's writing the blog and you can include some of that but it also needs to be direct towards your audience. Then the strongest point is when you can create a connection between you and your reader, that is how they're just gonna like “yep she's the one for me” because you have this strong connection that they didn't have with someone else. So, that's why you want to tailor your copy towards your audience. 

Now, if that scares the bejesus out of you I get it. Writing copy is not easy for me and I go in and I fix mine all the time, because it's not easy. So, I would recommend that you work with a copy writer. A copy writer will talk to you they listen to what you have to say. They listen to your inflections and your tones and what words you use and then they create copy for you and it's magical. If I could have a copywriter like say all the words that come out of my mouth, I totally would. Because it's just it's that good. And it's a huge investment, but it's gonna be really aligned with what you have to offer. So, when you invest with something like copywriting with the design of your website, you're really creating a website that's gonna last a long time, you're not gonna need to redo it anytime soon because it's very targeted. 

You also need photographs for your website.

Websites are very visual, there's no other option. If you give me a website of just text, you're gonna get a lot of exiting. I mean, you're not Wikipedia. So, you need to have great visuals.

You need to have a good quality logo, you need to have you know an icon or a browser icon it's called a favicon, you need to have colors that you use.

The most important piece is actually the photographs you use. You need to pick photographs that are not only high-resolution but also on brand and that are crisp and clear and great quality and also compelling like you want them to be interesting. They need to be good photographs.

So, you have a couple of options here, you can purchase photos and I think that this is a really great option for small business owners who are just getting started. It's kind of a middle of the line budget. You purchase photographs from either a stock photography place or a photography.  I like to use Adobe Stock.

But you can purchase these pictures in our own brand style and you just scroll through and you'll just start creating a collection of stock photography that works with your business.

Another option would be to hire a photographer to take pictures of whether you're taking pictures of yourself or flat lays of what you have to offer or anything along those lines, you could hire someone and these are gonna be specifically tailored to your business. And they're gonna also give you those really crisp high resolution, high quality photographs that are perfect for a website.

You can take your own pictures if you're great at photography and you have and you have quality equipment that can take very bright clear crisp high-quality pictures, that's totally an option.

The other option if you have zero budget is to source out free pictures from places like Unsplash or Pixels that have pictures for creative commons use. 

Now the trouble with that is, that other people have them other people use them you'll start to see them everywhere but it's okay if that's all you have. It's better to have overuse pictures than no pictures or terrible pictures.

You need good quality pictures for your website.

So, when you can I would say invest in purchasing good quality stock photo that's that you've sourced out that looks really great and works with your branding or hire a photographer to take some for you. You'll also need to include pictures of yourself.

If you watched my other video about five things that you need to include on your homepage you'll know that I say you need a picture of your face. You need to have at least one picture of yourself on your website if not two or three. Now not every picture needs to be a professional styled studio picture, they can be candid style pictures. I have a picture of my son and I and I absolutely love it because it's me in my real honest raw place. But I also have a professional headshot and that's good enough, like you don't need to go and do one of those huge styled shoots unless you want to and you're ready for that in your business. Don't worry about that aspect just make sure you have crisp clear pictures that are high-quality.

Side note: Typically on a website horizontal pictures, work better than vertical because the web is made like a screen. So, it's wide. So, kind of keep that in mind when you're looking for pictures. Just keep in mind that horizontal pictures will work better on your website then a vertical picture. 


The last category of content you need for your website is the external stuff like links to social media, apps you want to connect, PDFs you want to share. 

When I’m working with my clients, I want to log into their email service provider. So, that I can get the right code and style it the way we've created the branding.

Sometimes I will connect to their PayPal to their shop I will connect their strike to their shop.

If they've created a pdf they want to send me the pdf, so I can upload it to their site.

On my own site I have a scheduling link embedded. I also have the contact form for my invoicing system, which kind of saves me a step and I’m able to automate a little bit.

You want to have all that stuff gathered and ready to go, kind of think this through your clients journey like what do they need what's gonna help make their process on your website smoother from point a of landing on your website to point b of hiring you. 

Those are the things those are the apps that you want to find and also the ones that are gonna help you reach your goals, so, if you want to build an email list, you need to have an email an email service provider like ConvertKit or MailChimp. That's it.

These are really the only three categories of content that you need for your website.

Now, the individual items that you will need can vary. You might not need a scheduler if you don't take client appointments. If you just sell a product, you're just gonna have a ton of pdf products. Right? Or maybe you need to hook in your shipping system, because you ship physical products.

All of that stuff you want to gather up and have in one place. So, that it's easy to find and if you're doing your own website, I highly recommend Trello this is what I do with my clients I create a Trello board for us where they can start putting in all their information and I can access it as needed. That's a post for another day. 

Gathering the content up for your website isn't as hard as you might think.

I’ve also created a checklist of all of this stuff and it's inside the freebie that I’ve created. Which is my four steps to a more profitable website workbook but at the end of the workbook there's a couple pages of my website planning checklist. Not only is there a checklist of all these things that we just talked about there's also some descriptions of the pages.

So, you might come across something you hadn't thought of yet that you discover you do need and you can go ahead and gather that information.

Okay, so, good luck gathering your website content! I know it's gonna be a lot easier now, that I’ve given you this information. 

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