Five Things to Put on Your Website's Homepage


Your homepage is the first impression of your website. 

Your homepage should being inviting and encourage people to stick around on your website, highlight your best features, give people an opportunity to contact you and most importantly, help you reach your business goals.  

Your homepage can really make or break your website. Imagine someone found you through a Pinterest pin; they liked what they read and they decide click on your home page.... What do they see?

Does it encourage the readers to stay on your website and learn more about you and your business. Or is it confusing and hard to naviate? 

The homepage of your website might not always be the first page people see when they find your website, since most of the time your site is probably found through a link, however, it is the most important page! 

For example on a blog post, when they like what they’ve read they will likely click over to your homepage looking to get more information. This is your chance to wow them! They are trying to find out more about what you do and what you offer. 

Some experts say it takes only 8 seconds for someone to decide to stay on your website or not, others say up to one minute. 

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In this instance, I think closer to one minute is a good estimate. That’s because we are assuming they’ve found you via social media, meaning you’ve already piqued their interest enough to get them to click on your link. Maybe it was your killer graphic or your clever title, either way you did the hard part of getting them on your site. I mean consider how many posts/links you see in a day that you have zero interest in clicking. 

Five Things to Put on Your Website's Homepage

What are the must-have for your homepage? 

A good homepage is going to let your newly found internet friends get to know you, what you do, what your business offers, and how to get in touch with you.

These key elements will help keep your viewers on your page and turn them into your next clients. 

1 | Tagline.

Aka what they heck do you do?  People need to know what you do right off the bat, no interpretation needed. You definitely don't want them to have to try and decipher what it is you do you when they visit your homepage. Make it obvious to anyone who visits who you do, and who you serve. 

2| Your face.

You need to put your picture on your homepage. If you are absolutely against your picture on your homepage then at least put on your about page, but honestly, you will make the most impact but it on the homepage. The people who are looking to shop with you, learn from you, or work with you; want to see you face! The other day I was looking at a website for a local photographer and no where on her whole site was her photograph or her name, for that matter. Especially when you are going to eventually meet you in person, it's going to help them feel more comfortable. They want to know who you are! 

3| Social media links

I’m a big fan of funneling people to your website, but it’s important to show your new friends where to find you! Following or liking your page on social media is a low commitment way for people to get to know you. Make it easy for them to find you. Make sure you only include links to social media channels you actually use. You don't want to encourage people to follow you on Snapchat when you haven't been on there in there 6 months. Pick your favorites and share only those! 

4| Contact Info

It seems simple enough but it's missing on a lot of websites.  When people are ready to hire you, have questions, or need more information; they will want to talk to you. Make it easy for them! I personally love a contact form that is funneled to my email. You could include a phone number, or a link to message you on Facebook, if you prefer to communicate that way. Whatever way you like to be contacted works just fine, but again don't make your potential new clients search for this info. 

You should either include a contact button in the top with your navigation or put in the footer of your site. This is where most people typically think to check for that kind of information. I also use buttons in various places (where it makes sense) on my homepage to make is super easy for people to get in touch, especially since I don't have the kind of business that doesn't require personal contact. 

5| “The what next”

This is most important part of wowing your new internet friends. Show them how to get to know you better. I call it “the what next,” what do you want people to do next after they find your website.

This should also coordinate with your #1 goal for your website. If your goal is to build your email list, then you’ll want to feature the benefits of joining your list. If your goal is get blog readers then highlight your best blog posts. 

The homepage of your site sets the tone for your whole website, so make sure it includes the right things to make an impact and encourage your readers to stick around and get to know you. That’s the first step of them becoming your next client. 

If you need more help planning the pages of your website, check out my blueprint for a strategic website! It goes in-depth on creating a website that makes your more money and explains how I plan out pages for every website I create!  

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