What to expect when you work with me {brand + web designer}

Every designer has a different creative process for client projects, so today I'm talking to you about my process from the very first meeting to the day we launch your brand new website into the world!


I really wanted to walk you through the steps of what it's like working with me from day one....you sent me an inquiry for your project until the end of working together. Especially because maybe you haven't worked with a designer yet - up until now you've done the DIY thing and now you are finally ready to invest in a professional website and brand. This is a big deal, you are taking a huge step towards leveling up your business! So let's chat about what that means!

Client Process_Pinterest.jpgWhat to expect when you work with me {brand + web designer}

I do want to point out this is my process, and each designer has their own process for working with clients. This is something I've worked through over the last couple of years through some trial and error and really learning what works me and my clients!

Before we start

The very start of a working relationship is what we call onboarding.

Onboarding for me starts with a discovery call followed by the proposal, contract, and invoice. I love getting on the phone with those are thinking about working with me to go over ideas, and get to know each other, it's a really quick way to find out if you’re going to be a good fit for working together. Typically on a discovery call, I can quickly determine if I'm going to be a good choice for what you are looking for in a designer.

Some designers don't like to take phone calls and avoid them at all costs. Personally, I have dropped a couple of thousand dollars on something without taking to the person whom I'm buying it from before sending over my money. I think a phone is the best way to ease any fears you might about leveling up your branding and website.

Next, I send over a proposal with the invoice and contract attached. I like to make the paperwork simple and straightforward. Obviously, contracts and terms of service are not the most fun but it's so important to protect both of us!

I also use this time to set up a project timeline, a payment schedule and let you know about any additional fees that may arise.

Again, simple, straightforward, and totally organized is my approach to paperwork.

This makes thing officially official!

Gathering up the content

Now we start to dig in! I like to set up a client portal using Trello which helps us keep our communications and documents super organized. Trello is free and it's a very visual layout and since the design is all about the visuals it just makes sense. Once I start working with my clients, I let them know that all communications should be done inside of Trello so that it's easy to find! We can add checklist and due dates, it's really handy to help us stay organized and on schedule!

This is where we start the homework section. Before we can get started designing things I have to get some information from you, what style you like, who your ideal client is, what services you offer things like that. I also like to have you create a Pinterest inspiration board, which is really fun!

We'll also use this board to collect the content for your website. All the photos and text for your website before we can create it! I have checklists and workbooks and videos to help you through this because this is one the biggest hurdles for most of my clients!

About a week before our official start date, we'll do a kick-off call! To go over some ideas and just make sure we are on the same page for your project!

Designing your logo and website

Ok now to the fun part! It's when I actually start designing things for you. I always start with a mood board and color palette using your Pinterest inspiration and homework responses. To get everything perfect, we'll go back and forth, you give me feedback and I make changes! We do two rounds of revisions for every step of the design process, so you are never stuck with anything that's not "just right."

After the mood board, I come up with logo concepts. Typically I'll do one or two ideas it really depends on the vibe of the design and what ideas my clients have. Sometimes I just know a logo is perfect for someone and I'll only send one. Sometimes that's not enough, and I create a couple more ideas. I've learned to do a lot more research and getting to know my clients as much a possible really helps me to be able to narrow down ideas to really fit their style!

Again we go through 2 rounds of feedback and revisions so there is plenty of time to rework things so the design really matches you!

Once we have the logo perfect, I'll whip you up a style sheet and brand guide so you can start using your new branding while I get started on your website!

For your website I always start on paper and in Adobe Illustrator, I'll create sketches and a strategic layout to make sure your website is not only beautiful but helps you hit those big goals. I do a lot of behind the scenes planning and research.

The design of your homepage takes the longest but also makes the biggest impact so we want to make sure it's perfect. Plus it also sets the style for the whole website, so spending a lot of time on this part makes total sense. I personally love to send out a video walkthrough to point out little details and talk about ideas and reasoning behind decisions.

From there we start to build the rest of the main pages and supporting pages, things like the footer and connecting your email opt-ins all of those little details that make your site function get taken care of! And of course, getting your feedback along the way until we are ready to launch.

Once we are both happy with the final results and ready to put this baby out into the world we run through a final checklist to finish off things like connected social media, setting up the billing and make sure your domain is connected. Technical details.

Handing over your website

Then we'll do a final walkthrough video chat with you to show you important parts of your website and help you get comfortable with back-end! Plus after we finish up, you have 30 days post launch support so any questions that come up, I'm your go-to.

Whew ok! that's a lot of info. But, I really wanted to explain the whole process and how fun it is! The whole thing takes about 4-6 weeks, but it goes by fast and we get A LOT done in that time frame. Working on your brand and website is really a lot of fun collaboration between you and me because this is your baby and I'm a part of your team!

Ready to start your own brand and website design. Schedule a free discovery call today and let’s chat about your business.