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Modern clean brand design for fitness professional by Alexander Design Co
modern and clean design for personal trainer by Alexander Design Co

Bridget Ericsson from Wonder Works Fitness is releasing her first book, Pilates for Skiers in the fall of 2018! 

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When I first met Bridget, we discussed creating a sales page for her new book, Pilates for Skiers. Bridget is a personal trainer and Pilates instructor in Colorado, with an impressive background. 

About midway into our website project, Bridget asked about creating branding for her training business, Wonder Works Fitness. I was thrilled to help her with this, especially after she mention that she a little bit embarrassed by her current logo. 

Creating her new logo was a great challenge to my normal style, I typically work with women who also work with women but Bridget works with men and women so she wanted something that would appeal to both. During our kick off call we chatted about incorporating Pilates and skiing as those are both parts of her specializations and passion.

I have to admit, I was thrilled when I sent her just a single logo option that was strong, gender-neutral, modern, and filled with meaning and movement. I tried to incorporate more of 

strong, gender-neutral logo and branding design for fitness pros and personal trainer by Alexander Design Co .png

Although, we initial tried to incorporate something to resemble Pilates, everything ended up feeling too cliche or overly cheesy.

When creating a logo, simple is always better. 

After creating a new brand for Wonder Works Fitness, we used the colors and style to heavily influence the sales page for Pilates for Skiers. The landing page turned out great, and is ready for the next phase after the book is launched and ready for sale. 

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