Alexander Design Co is hiring a Virtual Assistant

This is a remote position, and we are willing to train the right person.

Alexander Design Co. is a growing website design agency serving product-based businesses. We specialize in strategic design that helps online shop owners increase their profits.

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to work with a growing company where you can be a part of the team and contribute to our clients’ growth, keep reading!

  • Are you excited to be in a support role for a growing digital agency?

  • Are you highly organized, deriving great pleasure from breaking down big projects into small tasks?

  • Are you promptly punctual?

  • Are you a life learner, exploring new skills and technology on your own?

  • Are you adept in anticipating the company’s needs and implementing solutions quickly?

  • Are you excited about growing with the company, truly seeing yourself stepping into a bigger role in the future?

If you answered yes, this might be a good fit for you! We are looking for a super-star who has a strong desire to learn and grow with our company!

Duties and Responsibilities:

Some duties will be for the company, and others will be helping with our clients’ projects. You need to be able to think on your feet and fearlessly ask questions when needed. Remember: the only stupid question is the one that is unasked.

Inbox Management: Organizing and maintaining company email, replying to general customer service inquiries.

Formatting and Publishing: This will be a big a part of your job duties. We create a lot of content, either for our company or our clients, and it needs to be formatted and published to multiple channels. These include blog posts and podcast show notes on Squarespace, emails in Active Campaign, product listings on Shopify or Wordpress, and various social platforms.

Simple Graphic Design: You don’t need to be a pro, but we do want someone who can whip up a quick graphic in Canva or similar program.

Social Media (and similar): Creating, editing, and scheduling posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube, Medium, iTunes, etc., according to business and client needs.

Admin tasks: Help wrap up tasks, send emails, fill in questionnaires, etc., as related to business and client needs

This is a fast-paced company. We need someone who can check in daily, work on their own, and can learn quickly. As a growing agency we will have needs that will evolve over time, so there may be more job duties than are listed here.

Required Skills:

You’re tech savvy. We use a lot of different technology and ask that you do the same - with or without our help.

You’re fast-paced. We work quickly. You need to be able to keep up with our sometimes breakneck speed.

You’re detailed-oriented and organized. You have to be able to catch my mistakes! We need someone who can help create systems as needed.

You’re flexible. You can set your own hours, but we need you to bend from time to time as well. We sometimes have actual deadlines. We also need some hours during the “normal” workday for the quick turnaround of projects.

You’re familiar with, or open to learning, these programs. You never know when we might ask you to help out. You are NOT required to come in the door with knowledge prior to hiring, and training will be provided as needed. New programs and services will probably be added as we grow.

  • GSuite

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • iTunes (podcasting)

  • YouTube

  • Squarespace

  • WordPress

  • Shopify

  • Slack

  • Acuity

  • ActiveCampaign

  • Zoom

  • Dubsado

  • Trello

  • ClickUp

  • Calendly


This is a small support position starting out, but it will grow. Depending on your speed and skills your role could increase quickly. You’ll come in at 10-15 hours per month. This is a 1099 contractor position.

Please apply below no later than Sept 30, 2019.



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