Q1. How soon can we get started?

Typically, I'm booked out 4-6 weeks in advance. Open spaces are first come, first serve with a 1/3 non-refundable deposit to secure your place. I can give you a more exact start when we do our consultant call.

Q2. Do you offer payment plans?

We'll break your package into two payments. 50% due when you book to save your spot in my calendar, and 50% due by your project start date.

Q3. Do you only work on Squarespace?

Well, I do prefer it. But, I can be sweet talked into Wordpress on occassion just let me know when you inquire about working together. If it seems like we'd make a great team, then I'm happy to take on a Wodpress project.

Q4. Are you the only person working on this?

Nope! We'll work with a copywritter, SEO specalist, and even a developer, if needed, at no additional cost you. Those fees are already calculated in the price! You are ALWAYS a part of the process.

Q5. Are there additional fees?

There can be. If you need any special features that require premium apps or coding. We'll always talk about those costs before they occur. So, you'll always be in the loop. No surprises.

Q6. How much time will this take me?

I don't have an exact number of hours, but you will need to be "present" for at least one phone call to kick off your project, one to work with the copy writer, and then one to finalize everything at the end.

Plus you will need to be avaiable to give feedback through out the whole process. Which means checking your email and our client portal daily. (psst. that's how we can get this all done so quickly.)

If you will be going on vacation or won't be able to be present during the process, I highly recommend scheduling at a later date to avoid a rescheduling fee.

Q7. I love your style, but I already have a website. How can we work together?

Love this Q. If you already have a website that has a good structure and just needs some updates, I can help you tackle that to-do list with a VIP day! Details here.