Helping you harness the power of your creativity

Your focus is creating beautiful products, our focus is creating a beautiful website that sells your products.

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This is where creativity and strategy come together to create something powerful for your business.

We are different than other web designers because we help you take your creativity and big visions and turn them into real results. Working with us gives you the space you crave to create while we are working behind the scenes on your website so that it runs your business for you.



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For the shop owner who already has a website and needs help with updates and customizations to make it less template-y and more focused on sales.

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You’re ready for a website that’s totally unique and hyper focused on sales and conversions. We can design a site just for your shop.

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For shop owners who need help optimizing their site to get found on all the major search engines.

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I love creating websites that help you sell.

Hey, I’m Erin! Wife, mom of two, and founder of Alexander Design Co. I created this agency to help empower and collaborate with other female run businesses.

I know the struggle of desperately wanting to create something bigger than yourself, trying to figure how to get more pageviews, and wondering if anyone would ever buy from me or read my blog.

I’ve been in your shoes. Somedays, I’m still in those shoes.

Creating websites that actually works, and helps your business grow makes me giddy. Running my own business, seeing the success I never thought possible, and knowing my kids will someday admire that, well, that’s what makes me feel alive. I imagine the same is true for you and I can’t wait to hear all about it.