Illustrator for the non-designer

Stop using boring, unoriginal templates to create your graphics. 

Illustrator for the non-designer course by Erin Alexander Design Studio.jpeg

Learn to use Adobe Illustrator like a pro! 

This course will teach you the basics plus some of the best advanced features of using Illustrator to make your graphic creation seamless and totally hassle-free. You will be designing like pro in just few weeks.

If you are ready for limitless design possibilities and ready to learn a new skill while making killer graphics for your blog. This is the course for you.

This course was made for the busy non-designer who enjoys creating graphics. 

Here's exactly what you'll learn in this course:



Create Your Perfect Workspace

Get to know the Illustrator program. You'll get familiar with the tools bars, workspaces, and artboards.


Getting Creative

Now that you’ve learned the basic, let’s get creative with some advanced and cool features! Drawing and manipulating vectors, creating gradients, using assets from Creative Market, and so much more.


Creating Graphics

Learn the basics of graphic creation and how to use the tools you'll need most.


Make your life easier

Now you've got the hang of things, let's make everything much easier. You'll learn the best shortcuts, tricks, and streamline your graphic creating.


Oh and bonuses galore.

 This course is loaded with extras including graphic templates for your social media channels and blog posts, how to create opt-ins for your email lists.

Seriously, I've loaded this with extras. I know you'll fall in LOVE with Illustrator.



  Still not convinced?  

Here's what people have to say about working with me.


... I know how hard she works to deliver a quality product to you, how she's too modest to shout all of her qualifications from the rooftop, and how she's constantly thinking of YOU and what might serve you best. Erin is a professional graphic artist, not someone playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator - like a legit PRO for the graphically challenged. Her work is original, unique and GORGEOUS.  - KELLY PAULL, Directly Successful, WWW.KELLYPAULL.COM



  • Immediate access to Module 1 + all the bonuses
  • New module every Monday for the next 3 weeks
  • Unlimited feedback + support from moi 
  • Lifetime access & free updates

One quick note: You will need access to Adobe Illustrator CC for this course. Illustrator costs right around $20-30 per month (taxes and such vary) and comes with a free 30 day trial. I've designed this course so you can learn the program and test it out before your trial is up. This course was made with the 2018 Creative Cloud Adobe Illustrator subscription. You can absolutely use an older version of Illustrator but do note that some things may have changed or been moved.  I may not be able to give assistance if you are using an older version of the program.