Before we even get started officially working together, we'll start finding inspiration and figure out what kind of features you want on your website. You'll send me what you have for content so far. 


This is when we really get going, we'll start with a kick off to talk strategy and ideas. I'll start creating your brand and we'll schedule time to meet with the copywriter who can help us bring words to the vision. 



Now, let’s take this amazing brand we created together (that you now want to get tattooed because it is so amazing!) and create a website that will bring your customers to you. We will work on a goals-based strategy to get you results!

We start with the home and work our way through the other main pages and supporting pages. 


During the last week we'll finish any changes, connect the technical stuff, make sure everything is ready to go! 

STEP 6  

Grab that bottle of Champagne (let’s be honest, no glass needed) and a handful of confetti BECAUSE WE ARE READY TO LAUNCH!