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Automating + Systemizing Tools

These are my favorite tools for creating automations and systems in my business. There are tons of other options out there, but these are the tools I'm actually using in my business. 


My favorite project managent tool of all time! I even use it for client communications and planning my meals. 


Zapier is a really cool app that help you connect two app that normal don't talk to each other. For example you can use Zapier to create a new Dropbox folder for every new client that you onboard in HoneyBook or Dubsado. It's a handy tool that saves you a couple of steps. 

Acuity Scheduling 

Acuity is a calendar that embeds right in to your website so you can schedule appointments without going back and forth with a client 10 times. You can set up different appointment types, collect information and payments. 


This is my favorite Client Management System, it allows me to send invoices, contracts, and proposals with a simple click. My favorite aspect is that payments usually arrive in my bank account within 2 days! 


Dubsado is another Client Management System, just similar to HoneyBook. Its quite a bit more robust and flexible than HoneyBook, but I don't like the user interface and payments take much longer to process.  

SmarterQueue is the ONLY social media scheduler I enjoyed using. You can set up categories of posts, recycle content, and so much more with SmartQueue and it works with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In so it's well worth the price. 


Tailwind is the app for scheduling to Pinterest. I use this every week to send my new posts to Pinterest and each month I do a giant batch of pinning of other peoples content. Since I started using Tailwind regularly, I've seen a dramatic increase in my Pinterest traffic, reach, and engagement, plus Pinterest is now my number one traffic source. 

Hiring the right team

Hiring a team is a big step in your business, but it's going to mean you have more time to spend doing the things you love and the things that bring in income in your business. Use this time to think outside of the business box, maybe instead of hiring a VA, hire a housekeeper to come in twice a month so instead of spending hours scrubbing the tub you can spend that time working on your passion project! 

People you might consider hiring: a virtual assistant, housekeeper, nanny, social media manager, marketing strategist, meal prep or grocery shopping services. Really its anyone who can help you on a regular basis! 

I found this article to be really helpful! 

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Working with a coach

Working with a coach is great way to level up your business, and personally, I've found that even when I was working with a business coach the things we discuss shows up in my everyday life. Another option to look into is group coaching which tends to be a bit on the lower end of the budget, plus you can get to know the other business women in the group. 

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Invest in yourself + your busienss

This is often the scariest way to level-up because you put the investment and time in upfront, but the payoff is big and lasts a long time. Things like hiring a brand photographer, brand designer, website designer, or business strategist. It's different than outsourcing and hiring a team, because typically its a one-time service that helps you build visibility, increase your professionalism, and ensures people take your business seriously. Investments like this prove that you are in it to win it. 

If this is the next step for you, I've written a lot about working with a designer on my blog here. And these are some articles I've found helpful when working with other service providers that help you level up. 

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Upgrading your Equipment or Skills

Let's be totally honest, I can't give too much advice here because I don't know your unique situation. I know for sure that you can't go wrong learning new skills or improving your current skills. Even if you only learn one new thing, it's more than you knew yesterday. It will come in handy someday, some where you'll be able to use it. 

My recommendations if you want to buy a new piece of equipment is either raise your prices now, and put that money aside to save up enough for your new thing or you can buy your new thing upfront and raise your prices to get your investment back quickly. Keep in mind this new equipment should help you put out better work which means you are able to charge more.