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Automating + Systemizing Tools

These are my favorite tools for creating automations and systems in my business. There are tons of other options out there, but these are the tools I'm actually using in my business. 


My favorite project managent tool of all time! I even use it for client communications and planning my meals. 


Zapier is a really cool app that help you connect two app that normal don't talk to each other. For example you can use Zapier to create a new Dropbox folder for every new client that you onboard in HoneyBook or Dubsado. It's a handy tool that saves you a couple of steps. 

Acuity Scheduling 

Acuity is a calendar that embeds right in to your website so you can schedule appointments without going back and forth with a client 10 times. You can set up different appointment types, collect information and payments. 


This is my favorite Client Management System, it allows me to send invoices, contracts, and proposals with a simple click. My favorite aspect is that payments usually arrive in my bank account within 2 days! 


Dubsado is another Client Management System, just similar to HoneyBook. Its quite a bit more robust and flexible than HoneyBook, but I don't like the user interface and payments take much longer to process.  

SmarterQueue is the ONLY social media scheduler I enjoyed using. You can set up categories of posts, recycle content, and so much more with SmartQueue and it works with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In so it's well worth the price. 


Tailwind is the app for scheduling to Pinterest. I use this every week to send my new posts to Pinterest and each month I do a giant batch of pinning of other peoples content. Since I started using Tailwind regularly, I've seen a dramatic increase in my Pinterest traffic, reach, and engagement, plus Pinterest is now my number one traffic source.