Done for You SEO for Shop Owners


Do you feel like you are playing hide and seek on the internet, only you’ve been playing for while and it feels like no one is coming?

Friend, I hear you! I’ve been there. I wrote a fitness blog for years and practically no one knew I even existed. Even though I had negotiated brand deals. It was discouraging!

Now, I work with product-based business owners to optimize their site so they are no longer the internet’s best keep secret.

I have clients who have gone from making a few sales a month to now making a few sales every day. They’ve double and even tripled their monthly sales.

How did we do it?!

Through Search Engine Optimization! Aka getting found on google! When you show up on google when people are looking for your products, you can grow your business beyond the people you know and make more money from your website.

Optimizing your shop for Search Engines WILL change your business.

This service includes three parts.

1- Audit and Research. We need to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. We also need to come up with a plan to fix the problem areas.

2- Implementation. We put all that research into action!

3- Testing and tweaking. It’s not a one and done thing, we have to watch for patterns and makes changes as technology changes! We’ll be keeping a close eye on your site and even giving suggestions to continue making improvement.

Ok, what’s this cost and how long will it take?

We’ll being working together for 3 months. This isn’t a linear process. It’s research, implement, test, tweak, and repeat.

To make this an easier investment, it’s broken into 3 payments of $200 (for our introductory rate and we are only accepting 3 clients at this rate.)

BONUS: During those three months, you’ll also get 3 hours of our monthly support package. (One hour per month. Worth $450)

Meaning we can help with small website updates like swapping out those old brand photos or designing a brand new about page. Anything that might need attention that we can help take off your plate.