JulietteSak Life + Wellness Squarespace Website and Brand Refresh

Website design for JulietteSak Life + Wellness, a health coach for mom entrepreneurs who are ready to live their own empowered life.


JulietteSak Life + Wellness help women create a joyful, fulfilling, and empowered life that you love through one-on-one coaching, courses, and workshops. Juliette is an incredible inspiration. 


Juliette hired me to help her with a complete rebrand of her business from the logo down to the website, plus at the same time we launchd a sales page for her new course. Juliette already had a rocking business with a strong online presence in her facebook community and her monthly coaching program. However, she felt like her website and branding didn't really align with her style and passion for helping women live an empowered life. 

Project included brand strategy, branding and logo design, social media graphics and templates, workbook design, Squarespace website, and sales page design.


Juliette and I officially met in a Facebook group for online business owners, although that group is now closed it was a very a tight-knit group. I can totally admit that I was pleasantly surprised when Juliette reached out for her brand and website refresh. She has previously DIY'd her logo and website but didn't really feel like it fit her personality. Creating a brand that matches your personality and attracts the right clients, is totally my specialty, here's why.  

Working with Juliette was truly a dream. I really feel like we worked together to come up with the perfect branding for her. She was open to my suggestions and knowledge and also confident in her style. 

What was really unique about Juliette's site is that it's really full of great stories and content. Juliette has a lot of knowledge to share about living your own empowered life, and does that with amazing story-telling. As a designer I get nervous with a lot of text on a website because I want everything to be so visual. In this case, I had to break up Juliette's text in a compelling way that leads her readers through the journey of connected with Juliette. It was a wonderful challenge and I can proudly say we are both so happy with the results. 



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