I seriously mean that! I don't offer these plans to just anyone.

Support plans are the next step after we wrap up your website, it's like having me as a permanent(ish) part of your team!

This is for ongoing support for existing Squarespace websites and graphic design at a significant discount off my hourly rate. Squarespace website support includes things like: general questions and consulting, page updates, style changes, images/videos, new pages, blog post or product publishing and optimizing, creating new sales pages, and/or assistance with technical issues.

  • Unlimited email support

  • Design and technical support

  • Discounted hourly rate for additional support as needed ($72/hr - normally $97. Think about if you have a big launch need some extra support during that time!)

  • Monthly ideas list. We can keep a running list of things you want to add or improvements to your website that we implement when there is time. (Things like new website features or additional SEO research and implementation.)

  • Monthly action tip. At the start of each month, I do an assessment and give you one thing to implement that will focus on improving your site, gaining traffics, and getting better results.

Think of it like, I'm your hand-right website designer, I'll keep your website updated and polished. Adding additional SEO implementation and research to increase page views and help you get more traffic. I can help you add new products to your shop and/or optimize your blog each month.

Three month commitment required at start of service, afterwards we can move to monthly terms, so you are able to cancel at anytime.

* Ongoing support does not include logo design or brand development due to the amount of time it takes to do that type of work. We would use up your hours and still have a blank screen. 

A website is a living thing that goes through continual changes — it’s never really done.